Yeh Pulu Depicts the Life of Ancient Balinese People

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Yeh Pulu Depicts the Life of Ancient Balinese People 1Have you ever heard about the Yeh Pulu tourist attraction? Well, one day try to make a visit to this object located at Batu Lumbang hamlet, Bedulu village, Blahbatuh, Gianyar. It is very close to Goa Gajah and Ubud or approximately 14 km east from the city of Denpasar. Relief panels on the wall depict the ancient Balinese society.

It exudes relatively peaceful atmosphere and positive aura. When stepping down the trail is very convenient because we are comforted by the singing of birds and other animals living in peace at local paddy fields. When getting hot and want to soothe the body, you can purify yourself at the spring located right next to the entrance to the object area.

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Holy atmosphere will be felt upon entering the small gates giving the nuance of ancient look. Reliefs lined on the cliff are of the fourteenth century style. The relief measures 25 meters by 2 meters high. It depicts about the life in the forest, daily life and community activities in the past.

This relief was found in 1951 by the retainer of Ubud. Based on the sculpture style of the relief, it is estimated to derive from the fourteenth century AD. Yeh Pulu is located at Batu Lumbang. Many travelers from China, Japan and Europe visit the location because they can do meditation in the niche on the cliffs.
In the southernmost, travelers can find a Ganesha statue symbolizing the economy. Travelers who want to meditate or practice yoga can do it in the cave next to the relief estimated to be an ancient hermitage of the last King of Bali before its collapse as conquered by Majapahit Kingdom in l343.

So, it is no wonder if this often becomes the center of research carried out by researchers from the country and overseas. They want to observe the implicit meaning behind the rock wall on the hills. Meanwhile, the Yeh Pulu is located in the west of the brick fence. Yeh Pulu is the water coming out of a pulu (pot). This area is highly purified, so that the water is often used by people to do business or self-purification.

Yeh Pulu is one of the classical monuments from ancient Balinese history (fourteenth century AD) as an effort to maintain the knowledge of the art until now. All the historical objects are maintained by the local subak members. Due to the conservation efforts, the environment is very beautiful and natural. Sprinkling water always flows along the trench so that it makes the atmosphere around the object really peaceful and enchanting. As a comfortable and worth visiting tourist attraction, Yeh Pulu is often promoted by the Gianyar Culture and Tourism Agency. (BTN/015)

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