Flying fox in Nusa Ceningan

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The development of tourism in Nusa Lembongan has impacted surroudnign areas such as Nusa Penida and Ceningan. Despite being the smallest island in the district of Klungkung district, Ceningan has an increasing number of tourism supporting facilities and is now the only place in Bali with flying fox lines that over the deep sea. This ride that was first created here eight months ago has become a favorite amongst domestic and foreign travellers.

The sub-district of Nusa Penida has many beaches with stunning panoramas and many visitors enjoy marine tourism activities such as water sports, like snorkeling and diving. Flying fox allows visitors to enjoy the sea from 30 meters up. The flying fox attraction located in at eh Ceningan Resort in Ceningan Kawan hamlet, Lembongan, Nusa Penida, can receive 30 visitors a day.

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Made Krama Bayu, coordinator of the flying fox tourist attraction, revealed that although Ceningan Islands’s flying fox line was only opened eight months ago, it has already become well known amongst tourists who love marine activities as it is the only one in Bali that runs over the sea. Undoubtedly this attraction will get the andrenaline pumping, despite the calm and beautiful scenery. Foreign travelers are charged IDR 100,000 per ticket while domestic travelers are charged IDR 50,000 per ride.
“Not all travelers dare to come and try it out”, he said adding that in fact it is mostly domestic travellers who are brave enough to try it out.

For those who do not know, flying fox utilizes two steel straps that run along 100 meters. In addition to the steel straps, participants are also tied to the straps with a safety belt to ensure their security Staff always check to make sure that everything is secure, and participants are always given instructions before sliding down the cable for 100 meters.

Made Krama, explained that the every week two staff members grease the lines so that the cables do not rust and so that the ride down is smooth -especially because sea water is apt to affect the cables.

All the equipment and lines for this flying fox, were imported from Thailand by an Australian man known as Mr. Mark who has invested IDR 80 million in this tourist attraction. Many people from Ceningan hamlet have been employed to run the flying fox attraction with at least 6 people from Nusa Penida on duty every day.

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