Bukit Sari Sangeh Center for Pre-Wedding in Bali

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Bukit Sari Sangeh attraction becomes the center of a pre-wedding event for local people and foreign travelers. Cultural activities combined with technology always exist and even in a day it can host two to three groups. Moreover, ahead of Galungan festivity poses an auspicious day for conducting a wedding ceremony.

The attraction relying on monkey cuteness located at Sangeh village, Abiansemal, Badung, or about 20 km north of Denpasar is indeed beautiful. Nutmeg forest offering a unique tree only existing in Bali is often used a background in their photo shooting. Uniquely, they have designed the scene in a perfect composition. Infrequently they come with photography director that will direct the visual look.

Operations Manager of the Bukit Sari Sangeh, I Made Sumohon, said even though all locations can be used as a pre-wedding photo object, but photographers usually choose four places having become a favorite. Firstly, it is at the front gate, the entrance into the woods is commonly used as the background. These gates are unique and old and have the background of temple and green forests.

Furthermore, it is in front of the cool Bukit Sari Temple. Background behind the temple has a lush trees equally looking very beautiful. Sometimes, photographers are waiting for a nice moment to get a silhouette, sunlight penetrating the trees in the jungle.

Besides, the forest located at the left side of the temple is also good for shooting. Other than having a big tree, the location looking like a circle has no small plants. At the area there are only dried leaves of nutmeg tree. “It is said this area is the grave of monkeys. Nevertheless, we never see any bodies of the monkeys,” said Sumohon.
Another interesting location is under the banyan tree located in western most of the forest. There were two large banyan trees exuding a positive aura. “In general, they (photographers—Ed) are very satisfied with the existing locations. However, before taking the picture they will put offerings in order that their activities can run smoothly,” he added.

For carrying out a pre-wedding photo session, explained Sumohon, they usually pay sanitation levy as much as IDR 200,000. With such amount, they can make photo session as many as they like. “Many foreign travelers, mainly those from Asian regions, make pre-wedding photo session here. They claimed to have seen on the web so that they are interested as well,” concluded Sumohon

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